Virtual Treasure Hunt

Virtual Treasure Hunt

MiniTreasure is our second oldest virtual team building activity. Launched back in 2011, we originally had just the one scene for this unique virtual treasure hunt. It quickly gained popularity with our geographically spread clients with virtual teams. So we added another scene to its fold. And then a third scene quickly followed.

A bit of a gap.

And then we rested. We developed and modernized the interface over the years, but we didn’t add any new scenes. The reason for that was two-fold. Firstly, our focus was on developing our other activities – especially MiniScavenge (our most popular virtual team building activity) and VirtuWall (our flagship flexible platform for larger and more important events).

Secondly, we just didn’t feel the need. Clients have tended to move up quickly from MiniTreasure, our entry level activity, to its bigger, more capable sibling – MiniScavenge.

Now, for the first time in just over 10 years, we’ve added a new scene, MiniTreasure’s fourth. It’s based on a social media infographic. It’s a fun option with all the classic elements that have made MiniTreasure such a loved option for our clients over the years.

Virtual treasure hunt – the mechanics

How does it all work? For those who have yet to have had the pleasure of participating in a MiniTreasure event, let us explain. Groups are generally organized into teams. It is a team building activity after all! Every participant goes to the same webpage using their device. All devices are accepted, though laptops and desktops are the norm. Basically, they have more screen real estate, making the activity more immersive. On that page is a large two-dimensional scene – one of our now 4 scenes that organizers can choose from. The page allows people to zoom in and out of the scene and to pan across it. All of which is very necessary as participants try to answer some interestingly presented clues.

MiniTreasure is easy to play and our new scene is every bit as much fun as our other scenes

Our virtual treasure hunt has 60 clues in total with each scene. 20 of them are straightforward – that is easy to understand, but not necessarily easy to answer! 20 of them are a bit more fun – they are a little more cryptic and in rhyme. And the remaining 20 are image based.

Loved by all

Without exception, every participant loves MiniTreasure. And for those who have experienced more than one scene – of which we have many! – they love every scene.

Want to see the scenes? You can see them here on our MiniTreasure page. Better still, we’ll be glad to demonstrate it for you. You can schedule a demonstration here.

Happy hunting!