Online Scavenger Hunt for Upbeat Teams

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Scavenger Hunt

Track down and collect various objects scattered around your choice of our fantastic 3D scenes to earn team points.

Treasure Hunt

Answer straightforward and more cryptic, rhyming clues as you navigate the scene to earn more team points.

Team Puzzles

Tackle a variety of team puzzles to gain access to the highest points-scoring collectable objects in the scene.

Personal Demonstration

We recommend 45 minutes for personal demonstrations.

We'll spend the first few minutes selecting the best activity or activities for you and then get into the demonstration. Whichever option(s) you choose, there's a lot to see and we know you'll have plenty of questions!

Follow the link below to schedule your demonstration. You'll be welcome to invite colleagues to join it too.  And it's free, of course!

Our 3D Scenes

Amusement Park Snapshot

Amusement Park

A cartoon-style amusement park with many animations and attractions you can ride.

  • Items to scavenge: 100
  • Treasure hunt clues: 40
  • Team puzzles: 14
Global City Snapshot

Global City

A realistic city scene with 16 city blocks, buildings, shops and places to eat and drink.

  • Items to scavenge: 40
  • Treasure hunt clues: 60
  • Team puzzles: 7
Martian Colony Snapshot

Martian Colony

A realistic and detailed futuristic scene that is set both indoors and outdoors on Mars.

  • Items to scavenge: 78
  • Treasure hunt clues: 30
  • Team puzzles: 20
Toon Town Snapshot

Toon Town

A populated scene, with cartoon characters who wander around happily!

  • Items to scavenge: 90
  • Treasure hunt clues: 22
  • Team puzzles: 10
Pirate Cove Snapshot

Pirate Cove

3 islands, pirate ships, underwater treasure, treasure chests and so much more!

  • Items to scavenge: 48
  • Treasure hunt clues: 15
  • Team puzzles: 15
The Island Snapshot

The Island

A realistic, detailed island scene with stunning scenery and distinctive areas.

  • Items to scavenge: 50
  • Treasure hunt clues: 60
  • Team puzzles: 5
Winter Village Snapshot

Winter Wonderland

A cute Christmas village scene with decorations and candy stores!

  • Items to scavenge: 54
  • Treasure hunt clues: 20
  • Team puzzles: 5

How to buy

Buying access to MiniScavenge is easy. Simply follow the ‘Buy Now’ button link to get started.

Earliest start option

During the checkout process, you can add an option to set the earliest start time on a specified day and have a welcome message tailored to your group.  This service costs $150, is available for any size group and is recommended for group sizes of 40 people or more.  Simply email us with your start time and any suggestions you have for your welcome message and we’ll add those to your event.

Facilitation option

The activity is automated & does not need us to facilitate it. However, subject to availability, we can facilitate it if you prefer. This service costs $350 and is subject to availability.  Please contact us prior to purchasing this.

Pay after option

As standard, you can purchase your players in advance.  If someone does not attend the event, that "player" remains available to you for subsequent events.  Forever.

However, if your group is large enough, you can choose to pay after the event and only for those who login.  This option costs $150, so becomes worthwhile if more than 5 people are no-shows.

If you choose this option, payment is due immediately after the event is complete.  If you are paying by credit card, we will send you a link to pay this online.


Per Person, Per Scene

or less
  • Up to 100 players: $30 each
  • 101 - 250 players: $29 each
  • 251 - 400 players: $28 each
  • 401+ players: $27 each

For other currencies, click Buy Now

MiniScavenge FAQs


The team is LOVING this! Someone reached out to me with this comment:

"I just wanted to say - absolutely phenomenal job putting the team building stuff together! This is the most excited I've seen everyone for an event and everyone is having a blast!! Super appreciate all your hard work on this!!"

Twilio Logo

What a fun event! It went off without a hitch. I mean, without a single person complaining about anything! We got such great feedback and a ton of it was a request for a re-match!!!

Our big boss called me to express gratitude for such a fun event … Thank you again for the lovely experience.

Thryve Logo

I got a lot of great feedback for the game! Everyone loved it ... overall it was awesome!

Thank you so much for all the support and I definitely look forward to doing something like this with you guys again!

Roche Logo

We had a great time! And I’m not just saying that because we whipped them! It really was awesome, and very enlightening as to the different methods people used … I asked everyone for their feedback. They all had glowing reviews (with which I totally agree), and my cheeky boss (the Brit) said “tell them the right team won”!

So all in all, it was a smashing success, and I think you’re right about what the other team was saying… I love it!

Dawn Foods Logo

We were gutted to lose it that late on. The feedback from the team was very positive. … We had a chat about if after and everyone enjoyed the activity, being against other teams was the best bit.

Yes so all very good and I will be recommending it to other teams at the Firm and will book again with the other team I manage.

Linklaters Logo

Everyone had a blast!!

We played this activity during one of our larger team meetings and everyone said the same thing, it was nice to decompress and enjoy a little competition.

Talkdesk Logo

Thank you so much! We enjoyed playing the game.

I feel that the Toon Town has more items to be collected so it could be fun for multiple teams too, but this Martian Colony is just perfect for our team.

Sojurn Logo

Competitive to the end! Everything went really smoothly, no issues and they all enjoyed it.

Good team building as always. Thanks to you both again for your help with it.

BCD Travel Logo