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Our most popular activity for remote teams. Helps build team spirit in a fun and engaging way.​

Part Scavenger Hunt …

Track down and collect various objects scattered around your choice of our fantastic 3D scenes to earn team points.

Part Treasure Hunt …

Answer straightforward and more cryptic clues as you navigate the scene to earn more team points.

Part Escape Room …

Tackle a variety of team puzzles to gain access to the highest points-scoring scene-wide collectable objects.

Why choose MiniScavenge?

MiniScavenge Icon

MiniScavenge is our most popular activity.  It’s an ideal option for any remote team.

It typically runs between 45 minutes and 3 hours – the choice of timing is yours! And it won’t break your budget.

It’s great fun, with as much (or as little!) team learning as best fits your needs. Suitable for any group size.

And, a Glimpse of the Scenes!

Check out the brief details of MiniScavenger’s 3D scenes and watch “30 second fly bys”

Global City

Global City

A realistic 3D city scene with 16 city blocks, varied office buildings, great shops, places to eat and drink, social areas arranged in 4 quadrants.

40 items to scavenge, 5 tricky puzzles and 60 treasure hunt clues. 30 clues are straightforward and 30 a little cryptic and in rhyme.

Pirate Cove

With 3 islands, moving pirate ships, underwater treasure, pirate treasure chests and so much more! A gentle cartoon-style pirate cove.

48 items to scavenge, 6 relatively simple puzzles, 9 more challenging puzzles and 15 straightforward treasure hunt clues. There are no cryptic or rhyming clues.

Pirate Cove
Toon Town

Toon Town

Our most populated scene. It has moving cartoon characters who wander wherever takes their fancy! A cartoon-style town with many interesting elements including our animated toon people.

90 items to scavenge, 5 interactive team puzzles, 3 relatively easy puzzles and 2 whole team puzzles and 20 straightforward treasure hunt clues.

Amusement Park

A cartoon-style amusement park with many animations and attractions you can ride.

It has 100 items to scavenge, 4 challenging interactive team puzzles, 6 amusement park-themed quizzes and 40 treasure hunt clues.

Amusement Park
Martian Colony View

Martian Colony

Our most escape room like scene that is set both indoors and outdoors on Mars.

A realistic and detailed futuristic scene with 2 main buildings, 78 items to scavenge, 20 tricky puzzles and 30 treasure hunt clues.  15 of the clues are straightforward and 15 are in rhyme.

Winter Village

A gentle cartoon-style winter village scene with Christmas trees and other decorations.

30 items to scavenge, 5 relatively simple puzzles and 20 treasure hunt clues. 10 of the clues are straightforward and 10 are a little more cryptic and in rhyme.

Winter Village
The Island

The Island

A realistic and detailed island scene with 4 distinct geographical areas, 50 items to scavenge, 5 tricky puzzles and 60 treasure hunt clues.

30 of the clues are straightforward and 30 are a little more cryptic and in rhyme.

An online scavenger hunt ...

Move around your choice of scene, looking for and collecting various items:

  1. In Global City you’re looking for cubes and toy rockets.
  2. In Pirate Cove, treasure chests (of course!) and gold in a variety of forms is what you seek.
  3. In Toon Town you are collecting our animated, wandering people (!) and toy rockets.
  4. In our wonderful Amusement Park you’re collecting lollipops and ice creams.
  5. On Mars, what else could you be collecting but aliens?
  6. On The Island, you’re searching for different types of acorns.
  7. And in Winter Village, you’re looking for presents of different types to collect.

Whichever scene you choose, this is very much a team activity. Organize yourselves and take different areas of the scene as your team tries to maximize its points from collecting items and answering clues.

It’s a treasure hunt …

While you’re collecting your items, look out for the answers to our fabulously varied clues. They fall into 2 categories:

  • Straightforward – easy to understand, but not necessarily easy to answer!
  • Rhyming – more cryptic and in rhyme to add an extra sense of fun to the occasion. Look for the answers as you scavenge your way around your choice of scene.

It’s a little bit like an escape room …

Some of the collectable items are in plain sight, while others take a little bit more effort to find. The ones that are worth the most points, though, are easy to find but hard to get.

To get at each of these, you’ll need to tackle different team puzzles. Just like in “Escape Room” activities. Be careful to get them right, though, as incorrect attempts cost you points – urgh!

Want a tailored scene?

We can create a 3D scene just for you or modify one of our existing ones. Want your own offices or shops in the scene? Or products on clear display? Or your branded vans & trucks? All with tailored clues to match? The possibilities are endless.

How to buy online activities?

Buying access to MiniScavenge is easy. Simply follow the ‘Buy Now’ button link to get started.

Earliest start option!

During the checkout process, you can add an option to set the earliest start time on a specified day and have a welcome message tailored to your group.  This service costs $150, is available for any size group and is recommended for group sizes of 40 people or more.  Simply email us with your start time and any suggestions you have for your welcome message and we’ll add those to your event.

Facilitation option

The activity is automated & does not need us to facilitate it. However, subject to availability, we can facilitate it if you prefer.  This service costs $850 and is subject to availability.  Please contact us prior to purchasing this.


$ 27 Per Person / Per Scene
  • Up to 100 players: $30 each
  • 101 - 250 players: $29 each
  • 251 - 400 players: $28 each
  • 400+ players: $27 each

Schedule a Demonstration!

We ask for an hour – there’s a lot to see and we know you’ll have plenty of questions!

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