Space Rescue

Problem Solving For Hands-On Teams

Learning-Focused, Intense Challenge


In the near future, a new commercial spaceliner has an event that cripples the ship.

The crew need help and Houston isn't responding.


The explosion happens in standard Earth orbit. And the crew's air is running out.

They can't stay up there. But they can communicate with your team.


Each team becomes the ground crew for their spacecraft.

They tackle a variety of team puzzles to get the ship back to Earth before the ship's air runs out.

Personal Demonstration

We recommend 45 minutes for personal demonstrations.

We'll spend the first few minutes selecting the best activity or activities for you and then get into the demonstration. Whichever option(s) you choose, there's a lot to see and we know you'll have plenty of questions!

Follow the link below to schedule your demonstration. You'll be welcome to invite colleagues to join it too.  And it's free, of course!

The Scenario and More


Space Rescue is an online team building activity set in the near future like no other. As the name suggests, you are on a mission to save your spacecraft and its crew.

You have the tools and technology to save it and the people aboard.

Houston, we have a problem...

It is the near future. Commercial Space Travel is a reality. Safety is the number one priority. Highly trained ground teams stand ready to assist any spacecraft that gets into trouble.

Each team becomes a ground crew, trying to help a stricken commercial spaceliner make a safe landing. Along the way are many challenges to overcome.

They hone their skills with the help of a computer-controlled emergency simulator. Your group now has access to that simulator.

This is no Xbox® or PlayStation® game - the computer becomes a communications hub as each team organises itself and helps the crew get safely back to Earth in this learning-focused online team building activity.

When to choose Space Rescue

Space Rescue is an intense, learning-focused online team building activity that offers a real team challenge and helps improve team effectiveness.

Teams tackle a wide variety of tasks as they help a stricken commercial spaceship get back to Earth safely.  Think Apollo 13 and you are halfway there.

You'll need 4 hours in total for the activity, including preparation time and debrief.  The action itself lasts exactly 2 hours.  You'll want half an hour for team preparation time and 90 minutes for the debrief - if you want one.

So ... only choose Space Rescue if you have people who enjoy solving problems and you have the time to allocate.

How to buy

Buying access to MiniScavenge is easy. Simply follow the ‘Buy Now’ button link to get started.

Facilitation option

The activity is automated & does not need us to facilitate it. However, subject to availability, we can facilitate it if you prefer. This service costs $995 and is subject to availability.  Please contact us prior to purchasing this.


Per Team

or less
  • 1 Team: $700 each
  • 2 Teams: $675 each
  • 3 Teams: $650 each
  • 4 Teams: $625 each
  • 5+ Teams: $600 each

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Space Rescue FAQs


Just finished the wrap up. Everybody loved it.

I am sure other teams at our company will look to do this.

Cisco Logo

Well, it was intense, challenging, scary – and fun!

We observed many things that surprised us, some that were pleasing and others that will give our Leadership Team real food for thought on skills gaps.

Thanks and compliments to all for such an innovative program!

HP Logo

Feedback from the group is only positive.

Linklaters Logo

Space Rescue was a great experience and the team really enjoyed working under the stressful environment.

All in all, it was fun and rewarding experience and we were able to draw parallels back to our business. Understanding the need for effective communication and trades offs associated with decision making.

Thanks for the opportunity to utilize the tools, we will likely do something similar in the future.


It was really a great time! Everyone on the team really loved it and had a blast.

Space Rescue was definitely the right choice for us. Everything worked out great, you guys have really done a fantastic job putting things together.

Thanks a lot for your help and we’ll definitely be recommending this to any other colleagues looking for online team events.

Stryker Logo

Space Rescue was the favourite activity for the participants on the program. It linked very well to the content around strategy and aligned well to the competitive nature of the group.

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