An online scavenger hunt ... that's also an online treasure hunt ... that's also part "Escape Room" as well. All wrapped up within a single web page.


A web page that thinks it is a treasure hunt - and it’s right! Zoom in and out of our fantastic, huge scene as you track down the answers to our fabulously varied clues.

Space Rescue

Tackle a wide variety of tasks as you and your team help a stricken commercial spaceship get back to Earth safely. Think Apollo 13 and you are halfway there.


We take you back in time to the American Old West. In teams, you and your colleagues run newly established towns that collaborate and compete with one another to be the best.


Part collaborative and part competitive, this is our flagship online activity for geographically-spread teams. Compelling, corporate and with a fabulous mix of fun and learning.

Online team building activities for remote teams since 2008


Designed for geographically-spread teams, our options are relevant, fun and help teams become more effective.


Any duration (minutes to months), any size group (2 to several thousand), off the shelf and tailored, all devices.


To the environment, your budget (starting from less than $10 per person), your participants and you.


“There was a real buzz in the air during and after this event - the teams thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you’ll find more of Shell taking up the challenge going forwards. I’ve already shared the website link and I’ll also give your name as a contact. Thanks for your guidance on the set up.”

- Shell

“I just want you to know that dealing with you and your company has been a pleasure and quite extraordinary. I will definitely be looking to do other activities!”

- Pfizer

“I'm a fan.”

- Merck & Co

“I just wanted to let you know that we have recommended your services to other departments. Your service throughout the two months was excellent – thank you for your support. VirtuWall is a platform that will surely be of interest to other organizations with a global presence.”

- Henkel

“We had a fantastic day and I have had great feedback from all regions. We wanted something that everyone could enjoy whether in an office with a few colleagues or on their own at home and that offered some insights to help us develop as one, big global team. VirtuWall certainly delivered all of that. I have already recommended it.”

- Marsh & McLennan Group

“A big thank you for all of your input. I know things have changed along the way, some of it quite last minute, but your ability to deliver and adapt an interesting and complex activity in a smooth way is fantastic.”

- BP

“Space Rescue was the favourite activity for the participants on the program. It linked very well to the content around strategy and aligned well to the competitive nature of the group.”

- The Octant Foundation

“Awesome, thank you Sandstone! Glad we found you guys.”

- DNV Kema

“Well, it was intense, challenging, scary - and fun! We observed many things that surprised us, some that were pleasing and others that will give our Leadership Team real food for thought on skills gaps. Thanks and compliments to all for such an innovative program!”

- HP

“Today's meeting was a huge success. They all loved MiniTreasure and as you predicted they were really sad when the hour was up. I feel the afternoon was a much more relaxed and productive session than I could ever have imagined. Thank you so much for all your help, couldn't have done it without you.”

- University of Colorado Boulder

“Space Rescue was a great experience and the team really enjoyed working under the stressful environment ... All in all, it was fun and rewarding experience and we were able to draw parallels back to our business. Understanding the need for effective communication and trades offs associated with decision making. Thanks for the opportunity to utilize the tools, we will likely do something similar in the future.”

- QuintilesIMS

“We just finished up and so far everyone I’ve talked with had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it. Thank you! I’ll let you know if I have any other feedback to share but it was great!”

- Edmentum

“Thanks again for the team experience. More work will be coming your way!!”

- Penguin Random House

“Just finished the wrap up. Everybody loved it. I am sure other teams at our company will look to do this.”

- Commscope

“It was a super activity that I was glad to take part in. I know all of the minds were hard at working trying to figure out the clues. Kudos to you and your team! Great job!!”

- Pfizer

“It went really well. Folks had fun and learned how they work with their teammates (working style variations, collaboration, etc.). Thanks!”

- New Leaders

“The team had a great time with the Space Rescue activity. We’ll be recommending it to other teams.”

- Cisco

“It was an epic event and the results and media you sent will provide a nice afterglow for everyone. Thanks to your team for their great product, service, support. Though you were on the other side of the world, we felt you were right by our side for every step of the way making sure the activity was a success. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear from Veritas and/or some of our personal contacts in the future.”

- Veritas

“We had a lot of fun with this game! All in all the feedback was very positive (we are a very competitive Global team!). It was fun and intense trying to get all these clues within the time! We all seemed to enjoy it! Thank you!”

- Continental Tires the Americas

“The team did have lots of fun. My colleagues in Shanghai have already started recommending it to their colleagues and my local managers are very keen to hear more and see the feedback so watch this space!!”

- Roche

“It was really a great time! Everyone on the team really loved it and had a blast. Space Rescue was definitely the right choice for us. Everything worked out great, you guys have really done a fantastic job putting things together. Thanks a lot for your help and we’ll definitely be recommending this to any other colleagues looking for online team events.”

- Stryker

“The MiniTreasure Hunt went down a treat last week. Thank you for your support and your assistance with last minute changes!!”

- Apple

“The team game went great! They loved it. They are highly competitive and wound up tied. Thank you so much. We will be scheduling another team building soon!”

- uTu Intelligence

Happy team

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