Online Team Building Activities

Challenge and excite your remote and hybrid teams

Interactive Team Fun


Perfect for remote teams

●  Run with Zoom, Teams, WebEx etc.
●  Browser only - nothing to install
●  Team-based fun and competition
●  We'll set it all up for you
●  ... and can facilitate it online


Ideal for hybrid teams

●  As Virtual plus...
●  Join in person or online
●  Organized just like a hybrid team meeting
●  All participants equal, wherever they are

Our Online Team Building Activities


  45 minutes to 2½ hours

An online scavenger hunt and treasure hunt with great team puzzles to solve.  A choice of fabulous 3D scenes.

  • Easy to play
  • Great fun
  • Teamwork enforced
  • ... with varied puzzles


  30 minutes to 1¼ hours

Our ever-popular online treasure hunt that engages all every time.  A choice of scenes and a great time for all.

  • Entry level online action
  • Easiest to play
  • Teamwork pays dividends
  • ... the best team wins!

Space Rescue

  4 hours, can be split over 3 days

A learning-focused, intense online activity that tests teams to the limit.  Helps teams improve their effectiveness.

  • Maximum problem solving
  • Varied challenges
  • Teamwork essential
  • ... maximum team learning


  1 hour to several weeks

A flexible platform for any large group requirement. Perfect for conferences, launches and organizational changes.

  • Collaborative and competitive
  • Every aspect tailored
  • Join, leave and re-join to suit
  • ... maximum engagement

Personal Demonstration

Personal Demonstration
Book a friendly personal demonstration

We recommend 45 minutes for personal demonstrations.

We'll spend the first few minutes selecting the best activity or activities for you and then get into the demonstration. Whichever option(s) you choose, there's a lot to see and we know you'll have plenty of questions!

Follow the link below to schedule your demonstration. You'll be welcome to invite colleagues to join it too.  And it's free, of course!