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It’s a tailored virtual team building activity for online conferences and meetings.

Virtual By Design

Designed for virtual teams, whether multi-location in a single country or truly global.

Fully Facilitated

We're online with you, helping your people have fun and you achieve your objectives.


Using a flexible framework, we tailor the activity to suit your group and your requirements.

Any Duration

Complete flexibility to suit your goals and your event's agenda and the group's schedules.


We brand the interface and activity elements so that everything looks and feels corporate.

Great With Larger Groups

We brand the interface and activity elements so that everything looks and feels corporate.


Teams collaborate to achieve a common goal – unveiling an image as they tackle a wide variety of tasks.


Teams compete to contribute the most to achieving the common goal – just like you hope teams want to do at work.


Everything happens on one easy to understand web page – no manuals to read, no software to install.

Designed Specifically for Remote Teams

VirtuWall is a full-featured online activity for teams.



A full-blown professionally facilitated team building online event that’s perfect for remote teams.

As with our other activities, participants simply need an Internet connection and a web browser.

Our flagship option

VirtuWall is a flexible platform that can be tailored to literally any event requirement. It runs in harmony within conferences and other whole group events. Reinforce key messages in a gamified, collaborative way and generate a buzz beyond any other option.

Your group will be organised into teams and each team has two goals. Firstly, to play its part in achieving the common goal of unveiling a tailored image that displays on the web page.

Secondly, to maximise its points score and to try to be the team that has contributed the most towards achieving the common goal.

We have 3 different interfaces for you to choose from as best fits your requirement and your preference.

What's the pricing?

Pricing is dependent on a number of factors, including the number of people, duration and degree of tailoring. We’ll give a firm quote after discussing your requirements with you.

Schedule a Demonstration!

It’s impossible for us to fully explain just how flexible VirtuWall is here. Please schedule a demonstration and we’ll be able to show you so much more!

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Questions or anything else about VirtuWall, we will be happy to hear from you. 

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