Corporate, Tailored, Collaborative


Runs in harmony with your conference or other large group event.

Integrates with your theme and key points to help everybody absorb the messages you wish to convey.



Like all of our options, the action happens online.  So it's suitable for any virtual or hybrid event.

We can include within it your own separate agenda elements and fully integrate with them.


Organized into teams, participants earn points tackling challenges individually, within their teams and across teams.

They compete to contribute the most in achieving the group-wide goal.

Personal Demonstration

We recommend 45 minutes for personal demonstrations.

We'll spend the first few minutes selecting the best activity or activities for you and then get into the demonstration. Whichever option(s) you choose, there's a lot to see and we know you'll have plenty of questions!

Follow the link below to schedule your demonstration. You'll be welcome to invite colleagues to join it too. And it's free, of course!

Key Characteristics

Our flagship option

VirtuWall is a flexible platform that can be tailored to literally any event requirement. It runs in harmony within conferences and other whole group events. Reinforce key messages in a gamified, collaborative way and generate a buzz beyond any other option.

Your group will be organised into teams and each team has two goals. Firstly, to play its part in achieving the common goal of unveiling a tailored image that displays on the web page.

Secondly, to maximise its points score and to try to be the team that has contributed the most towards achieving the common goal.

Your choice of interfaces

Our 3D interface is most clients' preference.  We have many different 3D scenes to choose from, andd can create something new just for you.

We do, however, have 3 different interfaces for you to choose from as best fits your requirement.

  • 3D
  • Grid
  • Panels

Whichever you choose, we'll tailor it to match your event or corporate style.


We tailor the entire activity to suit your group and key messages.  Ideal within conferences and other whole group events.


We'll put across your key messages in a gamified, fun way to maximize participant understanding and encourage employee engagement.


A common (but not compulsory) feature is that teams compete to contribute the most to achieving the common goal - just like you hope teams want to do at work.

Time Zones

VirtuWall is ideal for groups spread across far apart time zones.  Participants can join in at time convenient for them, so everyone doesn't need to be available at the same time.


We'll discuss the best time to run it for with you.  It really does depend on your requirements.  The shortest time  we've ever run it is 90 minutes.  The longest is over 2 months.


Individually Costed


Pricing is dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of people
  • Duration of the event
  • Degree of tailoring

We'll give a firm quote after discussing your requirements with you.

VirtuWall FAQs


Our virtual holiday party was a huge success- many thanks your team.

It was really great working with you – I miss you guys almost as much as I miss traipsing around in Party Town late at night!

GSK Logo


The feedback has been amazing…coming from everywhere. Not only in the Slack Channels, but from other geographical teams talking about their participation and obsession!

And the stats prove it! I’m monitoring the endless Slack chats in each team (constant flashes of new messages in the 26 teams). They are hooked!

I’m really excited about the reports and all the info the team will get from the answers. We couldn’t have asked for a better activity for our group!!! Honestly, I’m sad that it will end tomorrow!

Apple Logo

I just wanted to let you know that we have recommended your services to other departments.

Your service throughout the two months was excellent – thank you for your support. VirtuWall is a platform that will surely be of interest to other organizations with a global presence.

Henkel Logo

We had a fantastic day and I have had great feedback from all regions.

We wanted something that everyone could enjoy whether in an office with a few colleagues or on their own at home and that offered some insights to help us develop as one, big global team.

VirtuWall certainly delivered all of that. I have already recommended it.

Marsh McClennan Logo


It has been such a pleasure to work with you throughout this entire adventure. There is nothing that we have asked for that you haven’t been able to deliver.

Really appreciate the tremendous collaboration and hope we have the opportunity to do another project in the future

Merck Logo

Thank you for being such amazing virtual hosts, designers, and collaborators for Virtuwall.

If anyone is looking to participate in a large group, team game I highly recommend VirtuWall.

Pfizer Logo

It was an epic event and the results and media you sent will provide a nice afterglow for everyone.

Thanks to your team for their great product, service, support. Though you were on the other side of the world, we felt you were right by our side for every step of the way making sure the activity was a success.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear from Veritas and/or some of our personal contacts in the future.

Veritas Logo

A huge thank you for making this event such a fun time for all of us and this although we’re gave you so little time!

I’ve continued to receive a lot of positive feedback, people really enjoyed the games and having a smaller group to talk with about non-work things.

This was a really fun event and it was nice to have a truly global event this year.

Abbvie Logo