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Virtual Team Building White Papers

Some clients come to us because they are searching for a fun activity to offer their geographically spread team members. They then find that our options offer much more than just fun. They deliver real improvements to team spirit and remote team effectiveness. Others come because they recognize that their team has one or more issues of some kind. And if they are affecting the team’s ability to perform to its highest level, then a good virtual team building session could help enormously. So we’ve decided to try and help those that are looking for help with real issues by writing some virtual team building white papers.

Industry by industry

Not all remote teams face the same problems. Indeed, we’ve noticed that teams in different industries tend to exhibit slightly different issues. So, we thought we would create our virtual team building white papers on an industry-by-industry basis. Because many (though far from all!) of our client groups are in the Tech Industry in one way or another, we thought we’d start there. And it’s available now here.

It’s not easy to write a good white paper. It needs proper planning, dedicated research, thought leadership and an academic approach to writing. There are some good ones to look at here. We hope that ours demonstrates all those characteristics.

Virtual Team Building White Papers Front Cover
Our first white paper has all the classic sections within it.

We’ve given it all the classic sections. A good Executive Summary. A more detailed introduction. A focus on the benefits of good team building within the industry in focus. Importantly, a whole section on optimizing profits through great team collaboration. An easy-to-understand conclusion. And an extensive bibliography to show that our research has real depth.

More to come?

We plan to add more virtual team building white papers. But first, we want to see how well received (or otherwise!) this first white paper is. We’re keen to see how many people choose to download it, of course. But we’re also hoping that people are kind enough to give us feedback on it.

If you get the urge to do that, please do use our contact form to let us know your thoughts. If the feedback is good (that doesn’t necessarily mean overwhelmingly positive – we’re hoping for ideas on how we can improve what we provide) then we’ll certainly respond by expanding the series. So, if there are any requests for our next industry to focus on, please do let us know.