Best Meeting Platform

Best Meeting Platform For Virtual Team Activities

Our clients and prospective clients often ask us how their remote team members can talk with one another during a virtual team activity. Indeed, clients often ask us: What is the best meeting platform? As with many such questions, the best answer usually starts with: It depends…

Depends on what, though? It could be so many different things. The activity run will affect the answer for sure. If it is something along the lines of a remote escape room option, for example, it will be vital that each participant can see the room in question. Some such rooms are constructed entirely virtually, while others are real rooms transmitted by one or more webcams. Either way, the best meeting platform for such an activity will necessarily offer video as well as audio for all attendees.

Required features

But don’t all meeting platforms offer both video and audio? Well, yes – unless you are talking about a pure audio conference call, that’s true. But it is likely than in such a scenario as an escape room, the activity provider is fixed to one or maybe two meeting platform offerings. You can expect to follow their lead.

Other activities, such as our own, are completely neutral when it comes to the meeting platform to use. Our technology platform is completely web based and doesn’t require people to install any software. It doesn’t even require people to share screens. So long as the meeting platform used allows people to use a web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari – as well as talk with one another – our virtual team activities will happily run in parallel.

Our activities will happily run with any virtual meeting platform

Our options do not even need people to see their teammates! Participants of ours are always too engaged within the activity to want to spend time looking at their colleagues!!

Best meeting platform

Since our options are neutral, we can’t really speak to the best meeting platform for anyone running one or more of our activities. But we can mention those that clients most commonly use.

As one of our clients is Microsoft, you’d expect that Teams would be one of those – and it is! Many clients use Teams as their meeting platform of choice. Another of our clients is Cisco, so in the same vein WebEx is also a prime choice for many clients – especially for larger events. Zoom is probably the third most popular, especially with those clients not quite of the same size as those that use the two giants of meeting platforms. But we also have clients use other meeting platforms, such as Amazon Chime (Amazon are also clients) and Google Meet.

Google are yet to experience any of our activities, but we live in hope that one day they will join our happy band of regular clients.