Remote Team Building

Remote Team Building Activities

Remote team building activities such as MiniScavenge use technology to link team members to focus on team spirit and team effectiveness

Remote teams are notoriously difficult to lead. Without regular face-to-face meetings, it’s a struggle to develop a sense of identity. Collaborative team working is challenging when people are not in the same location. When people are not even in the same time zone, it’s harder still.

If team members are spread across continents in particular, cultural barriers add to the problems even more.

Technology plays a part

Teams with remote members use technology to communicate and facilitate team working. Yet this software mostly focuses on transactions. Even those that add social media into the mix (such as SlackMicrosoft TeamsTrello etc.) focus more on team tasks than team spirit and processes.

Remote team building activities use technology to link team members as well.  But for a different purpose. Instead of tasks, they focus on:

  1. Spirit – to help teams develop a sense of identity
  2. Effectiveness – to help teams overcome their geographic, time zone and cultural barriers
  3. Optionally, knowledge – to make an activity more directly relevant from a corporate perspective

Enter Global Team Building

For any or all of these, that’s where we come in.

Our remote team activities are fun to participate in. Yet they also focus on what remote teams need to be effective in their day-to-day work. Which make them both fun and developmental.

We have 4 different activities. 3 of these are “off the shelf” options. Yet all 3 (MiniScavengeMiniTreasure, and Space Rescue) can also be tailored. This allows you to include elements that are specific and relevant to your group and organization.

The 4th (VirtuWall) is designed to be tailored.  It offers a great platform to deliver something unique and corporate.

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration of one or more of our options.  Or to chat with us about what we can offer you.