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Distributed Team Building Activities

Distributed team building activities that are fun and help teams improve are hard to find – but advertising helps people find us

One of the challenges that we face is letting people know that we exist! We believe we are the only company in the world that offers professional team building activities for virtual teams. While that’s great for us in many ways, it is also a problem. If people don’t know such a thing is possible, why would they go look for it?

Our Current Marketing Approach

Our site is naturally rich in terms that people might use if they are looking for the service we provide. So we’re likely to rank highly if they do look. However, we have long supplemented this with search engine “pay per click” advertising. And we’re delighted that the combination of organic search positions and paid advertising has been very successful for us.

The World is Changing

People are now turning more and more to video to find things of interest to them. Interestingly, we have always had animated introductions to each of our activities. Indeed, you can see those at the top of each of our MiniScavengeMiniTreasureSpace Rescue and VirtuWall pages. It’s time to supplement any organic video searches through these animations with a paid video ad. And the great news is that YouTube has just accepted our first. As you’ll see, we’ve decided to promote MiniScavenge in the first instance.

You can watch our YouTube ad here.

For Those with No Interest in Distributed Team Building Activities

If you use YouTube, you’ll sometimes see a video ad before playing a selected video. You only need to watch the first 5 seconds, though, and then you can “skip” the ad. How? By clicking on a “Skip Ad” link towards the bottom right hand corner of the video.

Our first ad acknowledges the skip button and helps people who have no interest in our options. It moves our rotating globe from a key initial focus to where the “Skip Ad” link will be.

So, the beginning makes far more sense for those seeing it as an ad! If you click on the link above, you’ll only see the video and not the skip link. Hopefully, you’ll like how we have tried to help those who are not interested.

For Those with Interest

If the ad intrigues you at least a little and want to learn more about MiniScavenge – or any of our activities for virtual teams – please contact us.