Coronavirus Fuels Growth in Online Meetings and Events

Coronavirus Fuels Growth in Online Team Building

We've seen a surge in online team building purchases over the past 2 weeks as in-person meetings are replaced by online equivalents - and our options add the fun! (Photo courtesy of CDC on Unsplash)

What's happening now (March and April 2020) is that Coronavirus and online meetings and events are impacting us. Specifically, on our clients' use of our options.

People choose our online team building options for many reasons. Historically, we've seen people choose our activities because:

  • their travel budgets have been restricted (read "slashed"!)
  • they want to add some fun to their online meetings
  • they realize that our options deliver more relevant learning for geographically-spread groups
  • and just because our options offer virtual teams great fun

Switching to online tools

But now there's a new reason. Because of Coronavirus #covid19, people are cancelling their physical meetings and replacing them with online meetings. People are using tools such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams and other online meeting technologies. They are running their meetings entirely virtually. And those that want to include an element of fun and challenge are turning to us.

Our Recent Online Team Building Experience

In the past few weeks, we've seen a surge of people purchasing and running our online options.  They are cancelling their in-person events. Many clients are running our MiniScavenge and MiniTreasure activities in particular. They are adding some team building to their hastily reconfigured meetings. And they are proving to be a huge success.

Coronavirus and Online Meeting and Events - Into the Future

There will always be a place for geographically-spread team members getting together in person. But we wouldn't be surprised if some of our the new converts to online meetings stick with them. Having been forced to do so, they may now choose to run more online meetings in the future. If so, it will be in part due to the their achievements during the meetings. And, we'd like to think, in part due to the enthusiasm generated from using our online team building options.

Want to Know More?

We'll gladly talk you through how we can help you run a great online meeting in place of your in-person event.  See our contact details here.

Below is a little more detail on each of the two most popular options for newly remote teams.


Global City Image

An online scavenger hunt ... that's also an online treasure hunt ... that's also part "Escape Room" as well. All wrapped up within a single web page.

A choice of 5 fabulous 3D scenes helps make this our most popular activity for anyone running an online meeting. Great fun - guaranteed!

The cost? Just $20 - $25 per person.



Link image to MiniTreasure online team building activity

A web page that thinks it is a treasure hunt - and it’s right! Zoom in and out of your choice of 3 fantastic scenes as you track down the answers to our fabulous clues.

MiniTreasure is a great way to experience a fun team activity that's really adds to any online meeting ... and on even the tightest of budgets.

It's just $9.99 per person!