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Our virtual team building activities are:


Virtual team building activities need to be enjoyable

To be successful, an activity needs to engage its participants and nothing engages people more than having fun. Our activities are all enjoyable and offer different kinds of fun, so we’re able to deliver the kind of style you want for your online event.


As much – or as little – learning as you want

Our background is in learning and development and that shines through in every activity we develop. Not all clients want to focus on learning at every opportunity though, but for those that do want it we have it in abundance.

Our debriefing process – online, of course – is proven and powerful. And since we use technology as your global teams do, it is very relevant as well.


Our options lead the world

We’ve used technology to deliver world-class team building for clients since the 1990s. Moving into delivering activities online was a natural progression for us and we launched our first 100% web-based option back in 2008.

Our virtual team building activities are proven, resilient and reliable. Our clients range from small organizations to leading multinationals. You can trust us.


Global teams use technology to communicate

To be as effective as possible, any team building activity needs to offer as many parallels back to the workplace as possible, while also being different enough to allow the participants to enjoy it.

The single largest defining characteristics of global teams are that their members are not co-located and that they use technology to link them.

If you chose to bring everyone together in one location and run a team activity with them there, you’d be missing out on the most important feature of the way that they work day-to-day. Our options work the way your teams do: across the world, using technology.

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