Virtual Christmas Party

Virtual Christmas Party

We’ve been been offering clients a variety of virtual Christmas party options for many years.  Some have gone fully for a Christmassy theme.  Others, with mixed religion groups, have preferred to focus on a more seasonal winter theme.  Whichever style people have opted for, we know they’ve had great fun!

As we write this, we know it’s only the beginning of October.  Many will find it premature to be discussing Christmas.  The reality is, however, that many teams will start planning now.  Last year, coming under lockdown conditions for many, we had several new clients come to us quite late on.  We were pleased to help, of course, whether they planned it in advance or were quite last minute in their approach.  From our perspective, the same will be true for our virtual Christmas party deliveries in 2021.  We’re ready to help clients new and old have a wonderful, seasonal fun time.

Group size doesn’t matter

A virtual Christmas party is an option for both large and small groups
– Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

Smaller groups can often find it difficult to find something that works for them.  The same is true when people are able to get together in person, of course.  Small team Christmas parties held in person will often take up one or more tables within a wider themed event that is open to various groups.  We’ve done that ourselves.  One year, our team had a blast at a Rat Pack themed Christmas meal and dance similar to this one running in the UK this year.  We took up a few tables with other smallish company groups doing the same.

The year that we went all out for Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. we could have chosen a similar event with a different theme, of course.  But whichever we went for, the theme was set, the menu was set and the fun was coming whether we were ready or not.  It was effectively an off-the-shelf offering.  Our Rat Pack was going to sing the same songs every night from the last week of November up until just before Christmas Day come what may.  We could choose the day we wanted and the individual meals off the set menu we wanted, but the main event was already a done deal.  As it turned out, it was a very enjoyable deal at that!

In the virtual world, our equivalent for smaller groups is also an off-the-shelf offering.  Our MiniScavange activity has many different themes.  At the time of writing, we have six to choose from.  A seventh is very close to release, but that’s a subject for a future post.  Suffice to say for now that it is our first scene to move off planet!  Anyway, of the other six, there are definite favourites for a group’s first-time visit.  Overall, though, five of them tend to be chosen fairly evenly over the course of a year.

The sixth is a great virtual Christmas party option for smaller groups

The sixth, though, is a different matter.  It’s only ever chosen over a 4 week period that starts in the last week of November.  We call it “Winter Village”.  It’s a Christmas scene.  And boy is it popular at that time!  Winter Village is suitable for any size group, but the majority of clients opting for our Winter Village tend to have group sizes below 100.  It’s like booking a Rat Pack event.  Everything is there just waiting for you when you’re ready to engage with it.

A tailored experience for larger groups

We can provide a tailored virtual Christmas party for any size group.  Because of the extra setup cost, though, it tends to be for larger groups.  Although we have done so for groups of just 50 people, 100 is the more likely minimum.  It becomes eminently financially viable at that point.  And there’s no upper limit.  To date, the largest tailored event we’ve run as a virtual seasonal offering had over 7,000 people.  Anything over 100 people, though, and we’re probably talking about whole departments.  Maybe even whole organizations.

And a tailored experience delivers something special for the participants.  Our events have included “ugly sweater” competitions where everyone gets a vote.  Grand slalom skiing.  Various team-related seasonal fun puzzles involving Santa, elves and – of course – Rudolph with his nose so bright.  All subtly branded to the client organization.  All bringing people together virtually when they can’t physically for logistical or Covid-related reasons.

Of course, we’d be glad to show you what we offer.  There’s no better way than seeing for yourself!  Please feel free to schedule a meeting with us if this is of interest.

Whatever you choose to do this Christmas, we hope you have a wonderful time.