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A business-focused activity that’s a fun way for managers to understand KPIs.


Build consensus, make decisions, use metrics to improve – Frontier stimulates effective team working.


Harness your group’s competitive energy as each team strives to run the best performing town.


Demonstrate the importance of collaboration as teams work together for the benefit of their Frontier region.

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A Glimpse of the Activity

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Frontier takes you back to late 1800 America. People from around the world are coming to settle in new towns here. You and your team members are the people to run these cities.

Make decisions on taxes, expenditure, budget allocations and much more. Can you make your city the best run one?

Why choose Frontier?

Frontier Town

Frontier is a detailed simulation that works best with management groups.  It helps them get better at analyzing and using detailed metrics – with some fun thrown in for good measure!

It typically runs over a period of weeks as teams make decisions on how best to run their town.  Suitable for group sizes of 8 people to thousands.

Yee, Hah!

Frontier is a simulation that transports you back in time and to the American Old West. In teams, you and your colleagues will be running newly established towns that are grouped into 2 or more regions.

Towns compete with one another to be the best and regions compete with one another to attract new settlers.

Building consensus is key to running a town effectively and collaboration between towns is key to promoting growth to everyone’s benefit.

Towns are measured against 3 different and often conflicting Key Performance Indicators, so making balanced decisions is crucial to a town’s success.

To add to the attraction of the activity, we have boosters. These are fun tasks that, if passed, add dollars directly to the town funds. Dollars that can be spent on growing a town without taxing the townsfolk. This makes them very happy and their happiness is one of the KPIs.

Happy participants, happy townsfolk. It’s a win-win for all concerned in this unique activity designed to deliver great online team building across time zones!

How to buy online activities?

Buying access to Frontier is easy. Simply follow the ‘Buy Now’ button link to get started.

Team structure – advice

We strongly recommend a minimum of 4 teams to enable the collaborative aspects of Frontier to come to the fore.

The activity is a detailed simulation that works particularly well with management groups that are prepared to put the effort in to understand the simulation and use the metrics provided to improve their decision making.


Per Team
$750 or less
  • 1 to 10 teams: $750 each
  • 11 to 20 teams: $725 each
  • 21 + teams: $700 each

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