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Panic Grid

A free icebreaker activity.

A fun and free icebreaker

Ideal for the start of your meeting to get everyone going – or as a mid-meeting energizer! Suitable for in-person and virtual meetings!


Easily create a leaderboard just for your meeting.  This will engage your team members’ competitive juices.

Any devices

Like all of our activities, Panic Grid will run within a standard browser with nothing to install.  It runs perfectly well on smartphones and tablets, but will also run on laptops and desktops.  Most people use smartphones as it’s easier to press buttons than click on them with a mouse.

No ads, no cost

Completely free.  As in no cost whatsoever.  No ads.  No post event marketing.

Panic Grid

Play it now!

To see if it will be a suitable icebreaker or energizer for your meeting, you can play it now below or follow this link to the game site.

How to Play

Press the numbers in numerical order.
  • The timer starts when you press 1
  • The game is over when the time is up or you have pressed all the numbers
  • Your score is the number you reach…
  • …doubled if you clear the grid
  • …plus 1 bonus point for every second you beat the time
  • Click the eye icon at the top to see where the next number is (2 second delay)
  • Click the list icon at the top to access leaderboards (logged in players only)
  • Complete the grid to unlock the next largest grid (up to 10 x 10)
  • Larger grids have the potential to score higher, but are harder to tackle

You can play as often as you like to try to improve your score.

The current grid will remain available all day. New grids appear daily.

Why choose Panic Grid?

Panic Grid 10 x 10

Panic Grid is a fun, individual game that can be easily used within any in-person or virtual meeting setting.

Best used an icebreaker or energizer, it offers an immersive and competitive game that is a great way to engage all your team members.

It’s easy to learn how to play yet challenging to get good at.  This makes it an easy add for your session.

You start with a 5 x 5 grid.  As you get better at it, you will unlock new grids up to 10 x 10 in size.

People will enjoy it so much that they’ll probably want to play again after the meeting!

Other Options

MiniTreasure is a full, professional team building activity that can run in a very short time, making it an ideal icebreaker or energizer.

Any questions?

Questions or anything else about Panic Grid, we will be happy to hear from you. 

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