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An online scavenger hunt ... that's also an online treasure hunt ... that's also part "Escape Room" as well.

A choice of 6 fabulous 3D scenes makes this our most popular activity and an ideal option for any  geographically spread team. Great fun with as much (or as little) team learning as best fits your needs.



A web page that thinks it is a treasure hunt - and it’s right!

Zoom in and out of your choice of 3 wonderful scenes as you track down the answers to our varied clues.

Our entry-level activity, this is a great way to experience online team building on even the tightest of  budgets.

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Space Rescue

Tackle a wide variety of tasks as you and your team help a stricken commercial spaceship get back to Earth safely.

Think Apollo 13 and you are halfway there.

An intense, learning-focused activity that offers a real team challenge and helps improve team effectiveness.



We take you back in time to the American Old West. In teams, you run newly established towns that collaborate and compete with one another to be the best.

A detailed simulation that works best with management groups used to analyzing and using detailed  metrics - with some fun thrown in for good measure!



Our flagship online option is a flexible platform that can be tailored to literally any event requirement.

It runs in harmony within conferences and other whole group events.

Reinforce key messages in a gamified, collaborative way and generate a buzz beyond any other option.



The feedback has been amazing…coming from everywhere. Not only in the Slack Channels, but from other geographical teams talking about their participation and obsession! And the stats prove it! I’m monitoring the endless Slack chats in each team (constant flashes of new messages in the 26 teams). They are hooked! I’m really excited about the reports and all the info the team will get from the answers. We couldn’t have asked for a better activity for our group!!! Honestly, I’m sad that it will end tomorrow! Thank you both for everything!

- Apple


- Microsoft

We had great fun! Really appreciate your help in setting everything up.

- Amazon

Thanks – that was great – all feedback I have so far has been VERY POSITIVE! Everybody had a great time!

- Cisco Systems

Our virtual holiday party was a huge success- many thanks to your team. It was really great working with you – I miss you guys almost as much as I miss traipsing around in Party Town late at night!


You guys are awesome!

- Pfizer

This was awesome!!!! It was such a hit we would like to do it for our global team.

- Dawn Foods

I’ve continued to receive a lot of positive feedback, people really enjoyed the games and having a smaller group to talk with about non-work things. This was a really fun event and while a global pandemic is awful, it was nice to have a truly global event this year.

- Abbvie

It was lots of fun! I have received great feedback from everyone!!

- Boehringer-Ingelheim

It was amazing 🙂


Everyone loved it and it was such a great time! Our team could not locate Blue Cube #6 and it will be on our thoughts this entire weekend haha 🙂

I will definitely be in touch as I imagine we'll be coordinating another activity with you soon.

- Current Media

It was amazing. I only can say really good things about it.

Honestly, I wasn’t 100% confident with the treasure hunt, mainly for technician issues and compatibility on other devices.

You showed us the way over the whole process and that makes the difference for organizations more traditional like ours. We have received a lot of positive feedback from everyone. It was fun and friendly competition, exactly what we wanted it!.

I would really recommend you to anyone. Congratulations!!.

I will definitely be in touch as I imagine we'll be coordinating another activity with you soon.

- First Nations Education Steering Committee

It was a wonderful event well received by the leadership team. Each one of them thoroughly enjoyed!! In fact there were few enquiries I have already received from some of the colleagues for future events.


It was enjoyable to do, and the team loves it, we analyzed the game at the end, and it was productive and useful. I am much impressed by the customer service you displayed. How you take care of the business is how you earn new customers 😊, and for sure I will recommend your company to my fellow managers.

- Intel Corporation

I asked my students to give me some feedback on MiniScavenge and across the board feedback was very positive (even when I asked them to tell me what they didn't like about the activity). The consistent notes I received were:

1. Students didn't think it was going to enjoyable, but as they got further into the activity it ended up being a lot of fun.

2. The activity worked well from a team building perspective as it encouraged them to communicate with each other throughout.

I also wanted to point out that I had 50 students participate and not a single person reported technical difficulties running mini-scavenge. This was an amazingly pleasant surprise. I even thought that maybe some students had technical issues, but ended up just not reporting them so they can just sit back and not participate, but given the consistent scoring students had on their teams, I truly do not believe that was the case. Your activities are clearly very intuitive and well thought out!

- Northern illinois University

The activity was a huge success ! Your support was much appreciated and we really had fun. I will recommend your site to anyone who wants to organize a team building activity.

- Objectif Lune

We had a great time.

- Philips

Thank you so much for providing such a fun virtual teambuilding experience for us this week! Based on the feedback I’ve heard across the team, it appears the activity was well-received and everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to engage in a collaborative small group activity. I want to thank you for providing such a thorough demonstration ahead of our decision to move forward as well as being so quick to respond to our questions regarding setup of the activity. It was a pleasure working with you!

- Sage Publishing

We had a fantastic time, tons of great reviews from the team and they are chomping at the bit to do it again on a different map in the future. Thanks again for all of your support! It certainly was competitive and my team ended up making random guesses on some blue box stuff as a last-ditch effort to jump up top 😛

- TalkDesk

It was indeed a lot of fun! It was very exciting and I feel we achieved our objective. Thanks for partnering with us and helping us make this event a success.

- Zifo

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