Employee engagement is much more than a free lunch

Online team building activities - our pedigree

We have helped organizations like Amazon, Apple, Booking.com, Cisco Systems, Intel, Lego, Mars, Merck, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Pfizer and hundreds of others with our intelligently created team building activities.

Online team building activities for remote and in-office employees? Yes, that’s what we’ve done the best since 2008!

How it works

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Engage everyone in your team wherever they are

We have a portfolio of different activites. Each shares one thing in common. Your team members can join it from anywhere. Whether they are office based again, working from home or on the beach (!) everyone can join in.

Remote teams are harder to engage

No matter the geographic spread - national or international - remote teams are harder to manage. They were harder pre-pandemic and now there are far more remote or hybrid teams than ever before.

Creating and developing a team spirit in keeping with your corporate values is challenging. Building and maintaining trust between team members is far more difficult than when everyone is co-located. Making everyone feel together and included within the team needs to be at the core of how the team runs.

Online team building activities can help

Online team building activities can help you develop that team spirit, build that trust and make your people feel part of your team.  In a word, everyone can feel engaged.

Our options are part team building and part employee engagement. They use technology to connect your people in the same way they work day-to-day. That makes our activities relevant and useful, as well as fun!

Value for money and great feedback

Our off-the-shelf activities offer great value for money (see our prices here). More importantly, they are so appreciated that teams always want to come back for more. Typical feedback for us is along the lines of these words from our contact at Talkdesk:

"We had a fantastic time, tons of great reviews from the team and they are chomping at the bit to do it again on a different map in the future."

and this from Dawn Foods:

"This was awesome!!!! It was such a hit we would like to do it for our global team."

We also offer tailored activities to run in harmony with in-house initiatives, such as company conferences, new product launches and internal changes.  Here's some example feedback from Apple:

"The feedback has been amazing…coming from everywhere. Not only in the Slack Channels, but from other geographical teams talking about their participation and obsession! And the stats prove it! I’m monitoring the endless Slack chats in each team (constant flashes of new messages in the 26 teams). They are hooked! I’m really excited about the reports and all the info the team will get from the answers. We couldn’t have asked for a better activity for our group!!! Honestly, I’m sad that it will end tomorrow! Thank you for everything!"

From small teams to whole organizations

Whether you are looking for just your team, a department or your whole organization, we have options for you that can help you engage your people.


An online scavenger hunt ... that's also an online treasure hunt ... that's also part "Escape Room" as well.

A choice of 6 fabulous 3D scenes makes this our most popular activity and an ideal option for any  geographically spread team. Great fun with as much (or as little) team learning as best fits your needs.



A web page that thinks it is a treasure hunt - and it’s right!

Zoom in and out of your choice of 3 wonderful scenes as you track down the answers to our varied clues.

Our entry-level activity, this is a great way to experience online team building on even the tightest of  budgets.

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Space Rescue

Tackle a wide variety of tasks as you and your team help a stricken commercial spaceship get back to Earth safely.

Think Apollo 13 and you are halfway there.

An intense, learning-focused activity that offers a real team challenge and helps improve team effectiveness.



We take you back in time to the American Old West. In teams, you run newly established towns that collaborate and compete with one another to be the best.

A detailed simulation that works best with management groups used to analyzing and using detailed  metrics - with some fun thrown in for good measure!



Our flagship online option is a flexible platform that can be tailored to literally any event requirement.

It runs in harmony within conferences and other whole group events.

Reinforce key messages in a gamified, collaborative way and generate a buzz beyond any other option.


Why us?

We're established - We've been working with international teams since the early 1990s.  We've been delivering online team building activities since 2008.

24/7 - Each of our options are available all day every day.  Wherever you are, our options are there for you.

Flexible duration - You might be looking for a quick, fun icebreaker. More commonly, people are seeking an hour or two of full-on engagement and challenge. And some are looking for something that blends in with a company conference or major announcement.  Our options have run for as short as 15 minutes and as long as 2 months.

Any size group - We've had plenty of teams of just 3 people enjoy and benefit from our options. At the other extreme, our largest groups to date have been over 7,000 people. You can be sure whatever your group's size, our options can handle it with ease.

Affordable pricing - Our online team building activities start at under $10 per person. And we publish our volume discounts on each of the activity pages. For tailored and larger events, we're happy to quote individually and accurately. One things for sure. You won't need to book travel or accommodation with any of our options. They really are 100% online. That makes them environmentally friendly as well as more cost effective!

Need more information?

Let us walk you through a demonstration of our activities.

We ask for an hour and a quarter. We'll use the first 15 minutes to understand your requirement and agree with you the best option or options to look at.  Then we'll move smoothly into a demonstration so you can see for yourself how we can help you.

You'll be welcome, of course, to invite colleagues to join in the discussion and demonstration.

Our clients are spread worldwide, but we are based in the UK. If your time zone makes the times on offer inconvenient, please contact us and we'll gladly schedule a time to suit you.  We can't call ourselves Global Team Building and then keep strictly to UK office hours!

The times offered show your local time as set on your device.