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Introducing VirtuWall - FAQs

There’s two possible answers to that – an “easy” one and a  “detailed” one.

The easy answer is that VirtuWall is whatever you want it to be.  It’s incredibly flexible and can be completely tailored to any given requirement.  To fully appreciate just how flexible it is, you really need to see it.  Hence we strongly recommend a demonstration.

The detailed answer is that VirtuWall is a technology platform that allows us to tailor anything from a fun team activity to a full-blown employee engagement tool to a gamified learning management system to meet your requirements, branded to your organization.  We have a variety of interfaces, including the most popular 3D one, a host of standard but customizable elements and the platform to create elements just for your requirement.

The two words together are a pairing unique on the Internet, making “Introducing VirtuWall” easy for you to search for.  And it does, kind of, present the activity to you!

That’s an easy one.  All three of those are available to be delivered within any VirtuWall event.

Engage – because VirtuWall appeals to everyone.  The variety involved means there’s always something available for each individual that they’ll find interesting.  Our definition of a team is one in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  That’s about harnessing the differences within team members.  VirtuWall helps a team understand it’s in-built strengths across the whole team.

Educate – because many clients choose to ease in new initiatives or tools using VirtuWall to help people get to grips with them in fun ways.  From introducing new Company Values to priming people for the introduction of Robotic Process Automation, VirtuWall has been the ideal, fun way to educate a group!

Entertain – because whether you’re after just a fun time for your people or an educational one – or anything in-between – you need them to enjoy the experience you are offering them.  And VirtuWall is fun!

VirtuWall is very flexible.  The shortest time anyone has ever run a VirtuWall event for is 1 hour.  The longest is over 2 months.  It really depends what you’d like the activity to deliver for you and your group and how far the group is spread geographically.  We’ll be glad to advise what will work best for you.

There’s literally no limit.  The smallest group we’ve had to date is just 18 people.  The largest is over 7,000.  VirtuWall is certainly scaleable!

If you asked us for a typical size, it’s probably between 100 and 1,000, but don’t be put off if your group is smaller or larger than that!

VirtuWall is the one activity we can’t offer a pricing schedule for.  Pricing depends on a number of factors:  your group size, how long you want it to run for, the degree of tailoring etc.

We will, however, be pleased to give you a pretty accurate estimate after a short conversation with you.

Or we can work the other way round and tell you what you can get for any given budget.

We had to call it something!  But the good news is that most clients prefer to rename it for their event.  So although we do have clients that stick with our name, it usually runs as something more meaningful to the group. 

You bet!  Not only can it be, it will be!  We tailor the activity in two different ways.  Firstly, we tailor it visually so it will look like it belongs with your group.  That might be something as simple as using colors that fit your brand, adding corporate imagery within the scene and even adding your products into the scene.

Secondly, we tailor tasks within the activity to suit your key themes or messages.  For example, if you have a focus on “innovation” and “integrity”, we will add tasks into the action that require one or both of those characteristics to succeed at them.

We’ve never been asked for something we couldn’t include.

The best way to get a feel for that is to watch the video at the top of the page. But please do note that every VirtuWall experience is tailored, so our video only shows a “standard” version of just one of our available scenes. Yours will be special for you – and look it!

Yes it is!  We are in there with you and your people.  It’s an important part of the whole process for us.  We strike up friendships with many people during the event – and they have been known to continue beyond the event itself!  We have friends literally around the globe thanks to VirtuWall events!

Just an Internet connection and a modern browser (read “anything but Internet Explorer”).  There’s nothing to install, nothing to upset your IT folk.

VirtuWall can be configured in all sorts of ways, but most commonly we use a 3D scene to deliver the action.  That certainly benefits from a screen bigger than a smartphone.

Windows, MacOS, Linux?  Yes, all of them.

iOS, Android?  Will it work with a smartphone if people want to access it on the move despite the small screen size?  Yes it will!  People do get addicted to it while the event is running.  Don’t be surprised to discover some of your people getting involved while on a train or a bus.  We’ve even had people doing so in a taxi on their way back from a nightclub at a weekend!

We do have groups that run this with all participants online at the same time – usually for just an hour or two.  More commonly, it runs for longer, spread across days, weeks or even months.

When run over a longer time, people can access it whenever is convenient for them.  This adds to the relevance for groups that are spread across time zones as teams learn how to work more effectively despite the barrier raised by working at different times.

Most people based in China can access our sites without a problem.  That said, some Chinese ISPs do block dynamic updates from Western sites.  China-based participants to date have never had any problems if using their corporate VPN to access our services.  We have a test page that people can use to ensure they can receive our dynamic updates.

Well, we need them to have some Internet access for sure.  But as soon as they have accessed the activity once, the bandwidth requirement is minimal.  It even handles temporary loss of connectivity – probably without the person realizing they have lost connection!

Arrange a demonstration.  We’ll be pleased to take this theme of Introducing VirtuWall one step further and offer you a personal presentation.

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