Friendly online team building activities are friendly to...

The Environment

People stay where they are

No travel is involved, so there's a zero carbon footprint for that. The remaining environmental impact is very small. Your people will be using computers that will probably have been turned on anyway, there is limited printing involved and the activities themselves have a negligible carbon footprint.

Your Budget

Virtual team building is kind to budgets too

No travel is involved, so that's one huge cost taken care of. Our venue is in cyberspace, so there's no hotel or other venue costs to deal with either. Our flagship activity, VirtuWall, is competitively priced for a fully-facilitated option and our automated options start from under $10 per person! Contact us and we'll gladly give you an accurate quote for any given requirement.

Our Participants

No detailed instruction manual required!

Our activities all use intuitive interfaces that people will grasp quickly so that they hit the ground running. For VirtuWall we even have a "sandbox" facility where participants can learn how it all works - not that it will take them long! We want our participants to enjoy their experience as much as we want you, the event organizer, to be happy with the outcomes.


We are here to take the strain

We will help you as much or as little as you like in making this deliver the very best for you and your group. We can handle literally everything from inviting participants to providing you with post-event feedback. And, if you want, you'll be able to track what's happening online all the way. Contact us and we'll be glad to talk you through the process.