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Our team building activities are truly flexible, and that too in any direction.

Any Duration

From one hour to several months or more Really.

The shortest time that a client has run one of our options for so far is just half an hour (though we’d recommend that you allocate a full hour!) and the longest is 2 months.

We can offer you concurrent sessions where every participant is online at the same time and also ad-hoc sessions, where participants can choose when they take part. Our options can be tailored to suit your needs, so contact us and we’ll be glad to explain in detail.

Any Size Group

From just a few people to literally thousands

Really. The smallest team that a client has run one of our options for so far is just 3 people strong and our largest group size so far is 7,000. We offer both competitive and collaborative activities. Contact us and we’ll be glad to explain in detail.

Off-the-Shelf and Tailored Activities

Standard, readily available options and ones that are tailored to you

We have “off-the-shelf” activities ready for you to buy and run whenever you like with your people. And we can also tailor-make the experience for you in a variety of ways. Want the people on board the spacecraft in our Space Rescue to be your executives? No problem.

Want the ultimate tailored experience with your branding and elements designed just for you in our flagship VirtuWall activity? Contact us. This is what we do!

Varied Platforms and Browsers

Computers, iPads, Android tablets, Windows, Macs, Linux – we support them all

Talk to us about your requirements and the different platforms your people use and we’ll make sure that what we recommend will be suitable for them all.  Flexible online team building indeed!

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